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Roomie Brief Introduction:

Roomie is a groundbreaking project focused on transforming shared living experiences. This innovative platform utilizes 3D models, providing residents the ability to effortlessly plan and customize their living spaces. From university hostels to city apartments, Roomie simplifies the communication between roommates, streamlining the process of designing, measuring, and furnishing rooms with ease. The project caters to diverse audiences, including school administrators seeking efficient move-in processes and property managers aiming for a competitive edge in tenant attraction. Roomie not only upgrades mattresses and furniture, but elevates the entire shared living experience.

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Shared Living Space with Roomie’s Innovative 3D Platform for Effortless Room Customization and Seamless Communication

Challenges Faced Throughout the Project:

During the development phase of Roomie, the utilization of Babylon.js for rendering 3D models introduced specific challenges, notably in the management of items during refresh cycles. The primary challenges we encountered included:

  • Dynamic Item Management: Adding and removing items dynamically while maintaining consistency during refresh cycles posed a significant challenge. Ensuring seamless updates without disrupting the user experience required meticulous handling.
  • Position and Rotation Persistence: Storing and preserving the precise positions and rotations of items within the 3D environment proved to be complex. Achieving accuracy in maintaining these parameters across user interactions and system refreshes demanded a robust solution.

Overcoming these challenges was pivotal to ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience within Roomie.

The Solutions that address the Challenges:

To address the challenges faced with Roomie during the development phase, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Babylon Study and Functions: In-depth study and effective utilization of Babylon.js features and functions were undertaken. This involved understanding the intricacies of the library to enable efficient handling of 3D model rendering.
  • Data Handling with Backend: Data, including item positions and rotations, was systematically processed and passed to the backend. This ensured that crucial information was stored and retrieved accurately during refresh cycles.
  • Position and Rotation Methods: Methods were developed to set item positions and rotations just before rendering. This approach guaranteed the precise placement and orientation of items within the 3D environment, addressing the challenge of maintaining consistency.

Technologies Used:

Front-end: Next.js
Admin front-end: React
Backend: Spring Hibernate

The Final Product

Roomie offering a revolutionary platform that transforms shared living. With advanced technology, an intuitive design, and a user-friendly interface, Roomie addresses the challenges of shared living in universities and apartments alike. Administrators, property managers, retailers, and property owners benefit from a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies processes but also enhances the overall living experience. Roomie is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in how we envision and interact with shared living spaces.

Key Features:

  • 3D Room Customization: Residents create visually appealing and efficient room layouts in 3D. Optimization of living spaces for enhanced comfort and functionality.
  • Intuitive Collaboration: Seamless communication tools reduce friction among roommates. Minimized misunderstandings and conflicts, fostering harmonious living.
  • Millimeter-Perfect Measurements: Accurate surface measurements down to the millimeter. Precision in planning and arranging furniture for a tailored living space.
  • Effortless Furniture Selection: Browse and select furniture with ease through a drag-and-drop interface. Streamlined furnishing process, saving time and effort.
  • Versatility for All: Tailored for campus dorms and city condos, catering to students and tenants alike. Universality ensures user satisfaction across diverse living spaces.
  • Targeted User Benefits: Effortless student move-in day planning, reducing stress for all parties. Showcase and sell shoppable items, enhancing user experience. Efficient property management with accurate dimensions and standardized experiences.
  • Administrative Control: Admins set up default rooms, simplifying onboarding for users. Ensures property owners and managers maintain control for a standardized experience.
roomie portfolio large
roomie portfolio large
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Coding Crafts provided to be an instrumental partner during the initial phases of development of the Roomie platform. In the early stages, as there were no in house engineers, except the CTO, the team at Coding Crafts was engaged and tried to additionally provide architectural guidance. For any org. Search for technical help to quickly PoC a product or feature, we would endorse the Coding Crafts team.

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