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Project Brief Introduction

LuxPark is a parking management solution, extends invitation to property owners seeking a transformative experience in optimizing parking spaces and forging reliable connections with the trucking industry. More than just a platform, LuxPark positions property owners as key contributors to both the enhancement of property value and the evolution of the trucking landscape. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and community-driven engagement, LuxPark promises a collaborative journey where underutilized parking spaces become hubs of opportunity, reshaping the future of urban mobility.
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Truck Parking, Slot Reservation Search Location without login, Stay duration, Reservation with logged in. Multi Vendor Pricing.

Challenge: Bank Account Integration:

In the development phase, integrating bank account details posed a multifaceted challenge. We grappled with the intricacies of seamlessly incorporating this sensitive information into both our mobile and web applications. The complexity went beyond mere technicalities; it involved intricately balancing the need for robust security measures with the imperative of creating an optimal user experience.
The challenge stemmed from the necessity to handle financial data securely while ensuring a user-friendly interface. We needed to devise a solution that would not only meet stringent security standards but also provide a smooth and intuitive interaction for users managing their bank accounts.

Solution: Stripe Integration:

To overcome the bank account integration challenge, we strategically implemented Stripe, a robust payment gateway solution. This choice not only addressed the technical complexities but also added another layer of security to the entire transaction process. By leveraging Stripe’s advanced features, we streamlined the management of user finances, offering a hassle-free experience.
This smart move not only guarantees enhanced security but also simplifies the overall user interaction with financial data. Transactions now run smoother and safer, aligning perfectly with the client’s expectations. We meticulously configured the integration to meet the specific requirements outlined by the client, ensuring a seamless and secure financial experience for users across both mobile and web platforms.

Technologies Used:

  • React Native
  • Postgres
  • AWS
  • TypeScript
  • TypeORM
  • GraphQL
  • NodeJs
  • Stripe
  • NextJs

The Final Product:

LuxPark is a parking management solution that customizes the parking experience for both property owners and truck drivers. Property owners optimize their spaces effortlessly, enhancing property value and contributing to the trucking industry’s improvement. With benefits like free listings and a small commission fee only upon successful bookings, LuxPark provides a cost-effective solution.

For truck drivers, LuxPark redefines the parking experience through its user-friendly mobile app, offering real-time parking availability. The platform simplifies the entire process from search to reservation and payment. Safety is a top priority, with partnerships with verified facilities and private landowners ensuring a reliable network of secure parking options. LuxPark transcends being just a platform; it’s a community connecting property owners with truck drivers, creating a seamless and secure parking ecosystem.

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