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EarthFund Brief Introduction: is a groundbreaking decentralized global community for fundraising, focusing on planet-saving and world-changing projects. The platform leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to power three integral components:

  1. EarthFund: A crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology.
  2. 1Earth: The official cryptocurrency that funds Earth Fund while being traded.
  3. EarthFund Foundation: A communal treasury under 1Earth and the Earth Fund DAO.

Our team was entrusted with developing the entire Earth Fund ecosystem, including the crowdfunding website, the 1Earth coin marketplace, and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) website. To achieve this, we utilized a stack of innovative technologies such as Next Js, Web 3, Node Js, TypeOrm, PostgresQL, useDapp, and AWS serverless components (DynamoDB, Lambda Functions).
DAO as A Service. Allowing user to stake / unstake sell their 1earth token. generate communities without writing any code

Challenges Faced Throughout the Project:

Throughout the project, we encountered and successfully addressed several challenges:

  • Dynamic Wildcard Domains: Implementing dynamic wildcard domains for user-generated content while maintaining security and reliability proved to be a complex task. Our team had to develop a robust solution to ensure smooth user experiences.
  • No-Code Community Landing Pages: Enabling users to effortlessly create their fully functional community landing pages without any coding required was a demanding challenge. Leveraging AI to simplify this process required extensive development and testing.
  • DAO as a Service: Providing DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as a service required careful consideration of security and governance mechanisms. We had to ensure that users could easily set up and manage their DAOs while upholding the integrity of the service.
  • Real-Time Transaction Data: Delivering real-time transaction data for community donations demanded efficient data processing and display mechanisms. This challenge involved optimizing data pipelines and user interfaces to provide timely and accurate information to users.

The Solutions that address the Challenges:

Here is a brief overview of the solutions implemented during the project:

  • Dynamic Wildcard Domains: We implemented a solution using Vercel, allowing us to assign wildcard domains like * dynamically. This ensured a flexible and secure system for user-generated content while maintaining reliability.
  • No-Code Community Landing Pages: We designed a user-friendly multistep form, guiding users to provide community information. Leveraging this input, our system generated content and images, empowering users to create their community landing pages effortlessly without any coding required.
  • Real-Time Transaction Data: To provide real-time transaction data for community donations, we developed a data collection system. This involved scraping smart contract transactions using cron jobs, processing the data, and storing it in our database. The result was accurate and up-to-date information displayed on the website, enhancing the user experience.

Technologies Used:

  • Node.js
  • TypeORM
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS Lambda
  • Next.js
  • Sass
  • useDapp (Ethers.js)
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • Solidityweb3.js

The Final Product:

The culmination of our efforts is EarthFund, a revolutionary decentralized fundraising community. With the aid of AI, users can create their own ERC-20 token, utilize an AI-powered community launcher, and implement a personalized smart contract for governance without gas costs. EarthFund offers a comprehensive set of tools for crypto fundraising and community management.

The user journey is simplified into four straightforward steps:

  • Find a community of interest.
  • Donate to join and participate.
  • Vote on projects for funding.
  • Claim rewards in stable USDT.


EarthFund ensures Web3.0 functionality without compromising decentralization, guards against pump and dumps, and automatically integrates users into Discord channels based on their token holdings. Rewards are easily claimed with each project funded, and the stability of rewards in USDT shields users from market fluctuations.

In summary, EarthFund is reshaping the landscape of decentralized fundraising, offering a user-friendly, robust platform that empowers users to support and fund meaningful projects, all while benefiting from a stable and secure ecosystem.

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“Working with Coding Crafts has been a very pleasant experience. Having worked with several other IT companies previously, Coding Crafts has by far been the most understanding of our mission and goals for our software development. They are willing to spend time needed on details that others tend to overlook. We couldn't be more satisfied with our partnership. Thank you for all you've done for us!”

Adam Boalt - EarthFund