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Krypton Brief Introduction:

The company has developed a robust platform that offers real-time data extraction, transformation, and loading capabilities, particularly focused on the crypto and NFT marketplace. The primary goal of the ETL product is to provide users with comprehensive and real-time insights into the Ethereum blockchain. By extracting and transforming data from the blockchain, the platform enables users to decode information behind smart contract events, maintain a complete history of the blockchain, and track assets associated with various wallet addresses.

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Up-to-the-Minute Blockchain Insights: Real-time Ethereum Transaction History, including the Latest Blocks and Transactions.

Challenges Faced Throughout the Development

We faced some tough problems while working with the project, like making sure all the parts of the blockchain are working together, organizing and understanding the data, and keeping everything up-to-date in real-time. Handling unexpected changes in the blockchain was also tricky.

  • Blockchain Node Setup and Synchronization: Setup and synchronize blockchain nodes for the entire blockchain.
  • Data Extraction and Transformation: Extract and transform blockchain data into the desired format for further analysis.
  • Astra DB Indexing: Index the entire blockchain into Astra DB for efficient data retrieval and storage.
  • Real-Time Data Maintenance: Maintain a continuous stream of data from the blockchain, ensuring real-time updates.
  • Handling Reorganized Blocks: Address the challenge of handling reorganized blocks in the blockchain.

The Solutions that address the Challenges:

These solutions help us create a strong and flexible system for dealing with the complexities of blockchain technology.

  • Consensus and Execution Client Configuration: Configure Consensus and Execution Clients using Geth and Prysm to synchronize the blockchain efficiently.
  • Robust Queue System Implementation: Implement a robust queue system to manage the processing of the upcoming stream of data from the blockchain.
  • Behavior Analysis for Blockchain Events: Analyze blockchain behavior for various events, including reorganizations, to enhance system resilience.
  • Terraform for Rapid Data Sync: Utilize Terraform for rapid data synchronization, streamlining the process of syncing data with efficiency.

Technologies Used:

  • Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Frontend: Next.js, MUI, web3.js
  • Backend: Node.js, TypeORM, Astra DB, BullMq, Redis, web3.js, Bugsnag, OpenAI
  • Blockchain: Geth Client, Prysm Client, Erigon Node
  • Infrastructure Automation: Terraform

The Final Product:

By successfully integrating these technologies, we have created a powerful ETL solution that empowers users in the Crypto and NFT marketplace. Real-time data insights, coupled with a comprehensive history of blockchain transactions, enable users to make informed decisions in the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

  • Real-Time Data Extraction and Transformation: Utilizing JavaScript/TypeScript, our ETL product employs Next.js, MUI, and web3.js for real-time extraction and transformation of data, ensuring users have access to the latest information.
  • Comprehensive Backend Infrastructure: The backend, powered by Node.js, TypeORM, and Astra DB, provides a robust foundation for processing and managing blockchain data. BullMq and Redis are instrumental in handling the continuous flow of data efficiently.
  • Advanced Blockchain Analytics: Our platform utilizes Geth Client, Prysm Client, and Erigon Node to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, offering advanced analytics and insights into blockchain behavior.
  • Intelligent Integration: To enhance user experience, Bugsnag is implemented for error monitoring, and OpenAI is seamlessly integrated to bring additional intelligence to the platform.
  • Infrastructure Automation with Terraform: Terraform serves as the backbone for infrastructure automation, ensuring a rapid and streamlined process for syncing and managing data.
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“Working with Coding Crafts has been a very pleasant experience. Having worked with several other IT companies previously, Coding Crafts has by far been the most understanding of our mission and goals for our software development. They are willing to spend time needed on details that others tend to overlook. We couldn't be more satisfied with our partnership. Thank you for all you've done for us!”

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