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Eternally Brief Introduction

Eternally is a Social Media App designed to redefine user online experiences. Within this project, we delve into essential features like Posting, Timelines, and Messaging, creating a seamless space for users to connect and share. Explore the convenience of Schedule Messaging, ensuring your important communications are sent at just the right moment. Capture life’s moments with Video Recording and engage in dynamic conversations through Q/A sessions.

Our straightforward Email Signup process welcomes the user into the Eternally community, making onboarding a breeze. Opt for a Storage Subscription plan or enjoy the simplicity of a Free account with 1GB of storage space. Eternally stands as a testament to industry trends. Furthermore, our project explores the integration of Donations, providing users with an opportunity to contribute to causes they care about. Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of social media with purpose and innovation.

Social Media App Posting, Timelines, messaging, Schedule Messaging, Video Recording with Q/A. Email Signup only, Storage Subscription

Challenges: Q/A Video Recording

During the development of Eternally Q/A Video Recording feature, challenges emerged on multiple fronts. Achieving an optimal balance between user-friendliness and functionality proved to be a significant hurdle, requiring meticulous design considerations and continuous user testing. The integration of certain technologies added complexity to fine-tune compression algorithms, demanding careful attention to maintain a seamless user experience. Addressing privacy concerns also presented a notable challenge. Striking the right balance between user privacy and the collaborative nature of the Q/A Video Recording feature required careful consideration and thorough design.

The Solution that address the Challenge:

To address the challenges encountered during the development phase of Eternally’s Q/A Video Recording feature, we implemented a solution that involved the capabilities of the FFmpeg tool. The integration of FFmpeg played a crucial role in optimizing video compression algorithms, ensuring an efficient balance between video quality and storage efficiency. Utilizing FFmpeg provided the necessary tools to fine-tune the complexities associated with video processing, contributing to a seamless user experience. This solution allowed for the effective handling of multimedia data, facilitating the encoding, decoding, and transcoding of videos within the Q/A Video Recording feature.

Technologies Used:

Mobile app: React Native, NodeJs, Postgres, typescript, AWS.
Website: ReactJs, Typscript, NodeJs, Postgres, AWS, Stripe Integration.

The Final Product:

Eternally stands as a groundbreaking Social Media App available on both mobile and web platforms. Crafted with cutting-edge technologies, the mobile app harnesses the technological revolution of React Native, Node.js, Postgres, TypeScript, and AWS. The website, developed using ReactJS, Node.js, Postgres, TypeScript, and integrated with AWS and Stripe, mirrors the app’s functionality. Industry focused social media.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Hub: Immerse yourself in seamless Posting, Timelines, and Messaging for a dynamic user experience.
  • Schedule Messaging: Time your communications effortlessly, enhancing engagement and connection.
  • Q/A Video Recording: Elevate conversations with dynamic video responses, adding depth to interactions.
  • Email Signup: Effortlessly join the Eternally community with a user-friendly onboarding process.
  • Storage Options: Choose between Storage Subscription plans or enjoy a Free account with 1GB of storage space.
  • Donations: Empower users to contribute to meaningful causes directly within the social media platform.
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