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Passion, Curious, Skilled.
We believe in the power of design to change lives.

Our large team`s cumulative experience has allowed us to grow and develop a wide range of products which are all fully functional in the digital world.
We take pride in our work and respect our clients by delivering quality products on time, every time. Our developers have a great eye for detail and have experience working with many different programming languages.
Check out some of our recent projects!

eternally portfolio


Eternally App is a social platform for a select niche that builds on everything that the mainstream social media platforms are not. They pride themselves in being among the select few social platforms that do not gather any user data, which means it is totally private with no data mining and no surveillance. Also, no more news to keep it focused on things more personal and in control of the users.We built the Eternally App from scratch with a basic (free) version as well as a premium (monthly subscription) version. The app now boasts over 25 million downloads. We also developed the web presence for the app which is basically a portfolio website. Technologies we used while working on this project were React Native, Redux, React Js, Node Js, MySQL

Aug 1st, 2022

rommie portfolio


The kind you’ve always dreamed of: supportive, honest, punctual, and laid-back.We know how hard, expensive, and stressful it is to get good sleep in college. That`s why we`ve spent the last 10 years helping college students sleep better. From full beds in your dorm room to furnishing your off-campus apartment, we`ve got you covered.Over the years, we`ve surveyed more than 50,000 college students. Around 90% of college students purchase foam toppers and most of these toppers are thrown out every year. This creates tons of waste (literally) per school per year. We`re committed to zero foam waste to ensure our campuses are as clean, happy, and healthy as possible.

Aug 1st, 2022

krypton portfolio


The Open Stack for Modern Data Apps!We serve real-time applications with an open data stack that just works.DataStax is the real-time data company. We help enterprises mobilize real-time data and quickly build the smart, high-scale applications required to become data-driven businesses. The DataStax Astra cloud service uniquely delivers the power of Apache Cassandra®—the world’s most scalable database—with the advanced Apache Pulsar™ streaming technology in a unified stack, available on any cloud.

Aug 1st, 2022

earthfund portfolio


EarthFund is a decentralized global community for fundraising with a cause: typically planet-saving and world-changing projects. They use cutting-edge blockchain technology to power three different platforms: i) Earth Fund, which is a crowdfunding platform built with blockchain tech ii) 1Earth, their official cryptocurrency that funds the Earth Fund while also being traded and iii) Earth Fund Foundation, which is a communal treasury under the 1Earth and the Earth Fund DAO.We have developed the entire platform for Earth Fund including their crowdfunding website as well as their portal for the 1Earth coin in connection with the marketplace. Last but not the least we also developed their Decentralized Autonomous Organization website. Technologies we used while working on their platforms were Next Js, Web 3, Node Js, TypeOrm, PostgresQL, useDapp, AWS serverless (DynamoDB, Lambda Functions)

Aug 1st, 2022

yoga portfolio


Yoga Joint is a Florida based fitness studio spread across nine locations. They aim to train as well as inspire people towards health and wellness through fitness routines and mental transformation. Coupled with their mobile app called SHIFT, they offer a holistic approach towards health and fitness. When Yoga Joint found the need for a fresh online presence, our team of engineers was able to fit the role in perfect harmony. We developed their official web presence including the website, and mobile application called SHIFT. Technologies we got involved with included React Js, React Native, Redux, Node js, PostgresQL, AWS

Aug 1st, 2022