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Optimizing Software Deployment Process

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Looking for hire DevOps Engineer? Look no further! Our AWS-certified team offers tailored solutions for your infrastructure and business needs, deploying high-performing applications efficiently and effectively.

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DevOps Engineering Services

Hire Dedicated DevOps Engineers

Hire DevOps Engineer for Ideal business Growth!

Optimize your business operations with a dedicated DevOps Engineer. From optimizing workflows to automating processes, they ensure smoother operations and faster software delivery. With a skilled DevOps Engineer on board, your business can achieve new heights of efficiency and growth. Hire DevOps Engineer today and witness the difference firsthand. With the ability to swiftly replicate various IT processes, DevOps engineers enhance the reliability of a company’s software development process.

Assess Soft Skill Set

Automation Mindset

Continuous Adaptability

DevOps Engineering Services For Your Project Needs

Optimize Your Operations with DevOps Solutions

Future-Proof Your Apps with Our Smart DevOps Solutions. We ensure your apps can adapt and thrive in today’s digital world. Whatever your project needs, our experts are here to help with the latest technologies. Hire DevOps engineer to make your app even better.

DevOps consultation

Receive expert guidance customized to your software release and orchestration needs.

DevOps Automation

Create an automated system to deploy software & applications while minimizing risks.

DevOps PaaS

Use various resources to automate the entire app lifecycle, development to deployment.

DevOps Managed Cloud

Integrate your DevOps infrastructure with leading cloud platforms for enhanced scalability.


Implement monitoring tools to track system performance and troubleshoot issues effectively.


Virtualize computing resources to deliver self-contained environments for your apps.


Our DevOps experts analyze, plan, and optimize development cycles across infrastructure.

Infrastructure as code

Handle infrastructure efficiently through coded management for consistency & scalability.

DevOps Technologies and Expertise

Our Strength in Building DevOps Solutions

We assemble cutting-edge technology to optimize performance and efficiency for your solution. Explore our expertise in building strong solutions for your applications, ensuring smooth and reliable projects. Hire DevOps engineer today to elevate your projects even further.
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AWS Cloud
Azure Cloud Development
Google Cloud Development
Google Cloud
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Looking to DevOps engineers for hire?

Hire DevOps developer for your project needs today.

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Docker Developers

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GitLab Developers

DevOps Engineering Services & Frameworks

DevOps Development Frameworks

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Kubernetes Developers

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Azure Developers

Secure a Dedicated Resources Today!

To Build Your DevOps Development Team

Select from our flexible hiring options and enjoy affordable solutions without long-term commitments. With our services, you have the freedom to scale your team as required, offering DevOps engineers for hire.

Secure a dedicated Talent Today!

To Expand Your DevOps Development Team

Enhance your team with dedicated DevOps engineers for hire. Seamlessly expand your development team as needed, with no hassle or long-term commitments. Trust our expertise to optimize your development processes.

Hire dedicated DevOps engineers from Coding Crafts

Enhance Your Projects with Our DevOps Engineers

We specialize in delivering exceptional DevOps solutions customized to your specific needs. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction by providing efficient and reliable solutions. With our skilled DevOps engineers, you can trust that your projects are in capable hands. Hire DevOps developer today to streamline your development processes and achieve optimal results.

Top 1% IT Talent Pool

Elite team of IT experts, representing the top 1% talent in the industry. Secure your success & hire DeveOps Engineer today.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-effective team of DevOps developers. We prioritize efficiency while maintaining uncompromised quality standards.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimize your resource's utilization for success with our smart allocation strategies for DevOps Engineering Services.

Best Industry Standards

We follow industry standards to ensure high-quality delivery. Trust our commitment to DevOps projects for best outcomes.

Synchronized Time Zones

Ensure seamless collaboration across different time zones & hire remote DevOps engineers for efficient teamwork & project coordination.

Team of Professionals

Collaborate with our skilled DevOps engineers for hire. We're dedicated to ensuring your project's success with our expertise.

DevOps Development Process

Make Your Dream DevOps Team in Just Four Steps

Transform your DevOps concepts into tangible solutions through our straightforward four-step approach. Let us assist you in assembling the ideal DevOps team, guiding you from inception to implementation. Hire DevOps Engineer to enhance your team and actualize your project goals!

Initiate and Planning:

Deep understanding of the client's requirements, project scale, & essential skill sets.


The Potential Matches:

Evaluate candidates according to their technical proficiency, experience, & cultural alignment.


Candidates Interviews:

Evaluate candidates according to their technical proficiency, experience, & cultural alignment.


Start Integrating Hire:

Initiate the hiring process and integrate candidates into your technical team for recruitment.


Discover the IT industries we serve.

We're dedicated to addressing IT challenges in various IT industries

At Coding Crafts, we're ready to handle IT obstacles across various sectors. Whether it's healthcare, finance, or entertainment, we have the skills to cater to your requirements. Let's work together to discover the ideal solution for your industry. Hire our dedicated DevOps engineer to guarantee success for your project.

DevOps engineers for hire

Work with the top 1% DevOps Engineers

Get in touch with experienced DevOps engineers for hire to strengthen your project. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent results while following industry standards. With synchronized time zones, seamless collaboration is ensured regardless of your location.

Junior DevOps Engineer

Our Junior DevOps Engineer is enthusiastic and ready to learn, offering innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions for your projects.

Mid Level DevOps Engineer

Our Mid-Level DevOps Engineers excel in delivering quality work, effectively contributing to projects with their adaptability and expertise.

Senior DevOps Engineer

Our Senior DevOps Engineers leverage extensive expertise to overcome complex challenges, drive innovation, & project excellence.

Our Featured Projects

Explore Our Highlighted Projects and Featured Work

Discover our top projects and highlighted works, showcasing creativity and dedication to excellence. Dive into our portfolio to explore outstanding achievements and the stories behind them. Join us on this journey as we share our best work.

Project Category

Healthcare & Fitness

Project Date

October 23th, 2022

Client Name

Bernie Zarco - YogaJoint

Yoga Joint

Move. Sweat. Detox

Our job was clear: Yoga Joint's digital presence and introduce the transformative SHIFT mobile app. With strategic planning and innovative technology integration, we delivered an enhanced web presence, a comprehensive SHIFT app, and effective business presentations. The result? Increased engagement, expanded offerings, and a thriving community, solidifying Yoga Joint's position as a holistic fitness leader.

Yoga Joint Portfolio

Project Category

Blockchain Community

Project Date

October 23th, 2022

Client Name

Adam Boalt - EarthFund


Fundraising Community

Our task was clear: launch, a decentralized fundraising community focused on impactful projects. Using cutting-edge blockchain tech, we built EarthFund, the 1Earth cryptocurrency marketplace, and the EarthFund Foundation. Leveraging Next.js, Web 3, and AWS, we created a seamless user experience. EarthFund empowers users to support planet-saving projects.


Project Category

Property Management

Project Date

October 23th, 2022

Client Name

Praveen - Roomie


Shared Living Space

Our mission was straightforward: revolutionize shared living with Roomie's 3D platform. Through strategic planning and cutting-edge technology, we crafted a user-friendly solution that simplifies room customization and communication. The outcome? Enhanced living experiences for residents in universities and apartments, empowering administrators, property managers, retailers, and property owners alike.

roomie portfolio large

Project Category

Social Media

Project Date

October 23th, 2022

Client Name

Theo Kieu - Eternally


A Social Media App

Our aim was clear: transform online experiences with Eternally's Social Media App. Using innovative technologies like React Native, Node.js, and AWS, we designed a user-friendly platform featuring Posting, Timelines, Messaging, Schedule Messaging, Video Recording with Q/A, Email Signup, and flexible Storage Options. An industry-focused social media hub offering enhanced engagement, dynamic conversations.


Project Category

Transportation & Parking

Project Date

October 23th, 2022

Client Name

Client - Lux Park

Lux Park

Parking Solutions

Our job was clear: make parking easier with LuxPark. We made a simple app for phones that helps people find parking spots fast. LuxPark isn't just an app, it's like a group of friends helping each other park better, making cities work smoother. With LuxPark, parking stress becomes a thing of the past, leaving more time for what matters most. Experience the convenience of LuxPark and join the hassle-free parking revolution today!

luxpark portfolio bottom

Our Best Client's Testimonials

We Are Trusted by Our Industry’s Leaders

Our exceptional marketplace has earned us a strong reputation among global industry leaders. See what they have to say about us. We take pride in our work, and our clients do too. They appreciate our services and often share their satisfaction with others. Hear their stories and learn about their experiences working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information on DevOps Engineers?

The cost of hiring a DevOps Engineer can vary depending on factors such as experience level, location, and specific project requirements. Generally, DevOps Engineers’ salaries range from entry-level positions to more experienced roles. Additionally, freelance DevOps Engineers may charge hourly rates or project-based fees. For accurate pricing, it’s recommended to discuss your project details and budget with potential candidates or consulting firms specializing in DevOps engineering services.

Hiring a DevOps developer involves several steps to ensure the right fit for your team and project needs. Firstly, define your project requirements and identify the specific skills and experience necessary. Next, source candidates through job postings, recruitment agencies, or networking platforms. Once you have a pool of potential candidates, review their resumes and portfolios to assess their qualifications. Conduct interviews to evaluate their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit with your team. After selecting a suitable candidate, negotiate terms of employment and provide necessary onboarding and training to integrate them into your team seamlessly. Regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions can help ensure ongoing success and alignment with project objectives.

Hiring dedicated DevOps engineers from Coding Crafts offers several advantages for your project and business. Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in implementing DevOps best practices tailored to your specific needs. With a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends, our DevOps engineers can streamline your development processes, improve collaboration between teams, and enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of your software delivery pipeline. Additionally, by partnering with Coding Crafts, you gain access to a dedicated support team committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring the success of your project.

No, there are no additional costs involved in DevOps engineering services provided by Coding Crafts. Our pricing is transparent and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the DevOps engineering process, from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support. We believe in delivering value-driven solutions that align with your budget and project requirements, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient DevOps implementation for your organization.

Yes, you retain full ownership of the project code. At Coding Crafts, we prioritize transparency and integrity in our client relationships. Upon completion of the project, the entire codebase is transferred to you, ensuring that you have complete authority and control over your project’s code. This enables you to make any modifications, enhancements, or updates as needed without any restrictions or limitations. We believe in empowering our clients and ensuring that they have full ownership of their intellectual property.

Implementing DevOps application development brings numerous benefits to your business. Firstly, it enhances collaboration and communication between development and operations teams, leading to faster and more efficient software delivery. Secondly, it improves deployment frequency, allowing you to release updates and new features more frequently and reliably. Thirdly, it enhances the quality of your applications through continuous integration and continuous deployment practices, resulting in fewer defects and higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, DevOps automation reduces manual errors and increases productivity, ultimately lowering operational costs. Overall, adopting DevOps methodologies enables your business to stay competitive, innovate faster, and deliver value to your customers more consistently.

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